The Commandments of The Half-Time Shuffle






Product Code: THTS
Author: Zoro
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN-13: 9780739070307
ISBN-10: 0739070304
Publisher SKU: 00-35137
UPC-A: 038081393605
Instrumentation: Drums

The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle is the first book dedicated exclusively to learning about and playing the half-time shuffle. Complete with historical analysis and overviews of the lineage of the style, the book will equip drummers with all of the necessary tools needed to conquer one of the most beloved, yet mystifying, grooves in drumming history.

The book features photos, album cover art, motivational quotes, recommended listening, as well as transcriptions of the most definitive half-time shuffle grooves. Gain insight and wisdom from Zoro, one of the legendary masters of R&B drumming, and master the language of the triplet---the foundation of all shuffles. The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle is highly innovative, informative, inspirational, and is sure to be a classic!