The Lobster Theory






Product Code: TLT
Author: Greg Fishman
Publisher: Greg Fishman Jazz Studios
ISBN-13: 978-0-9914078-0-4

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The Lobster Theory is a groundbreaking new approach to learning the language of jazz. It’s a book of musical concepts brought to life through the use of clever analogies, illustrated by New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Mick Stevens. Foreword by Jeff Coffin.

Through eighteen chapters, this educational book shares fresh, creative approaches to the following topics:

• Practicing ("Lifting Weights")
• Ear training ("The School Bell")
• Harmonic awareness ("Ketchup on a Brownie")
• Phrasing like a pro ("The Bus")
• The importance of chord study ("Polishing the Silver")
• Common tones ("Dual Citizen Notes")
• Keeping your solos fresh and spontaneous ("The Lobster Theory")
• Hearing in harmonic context ("Harmonic GPS")
• Pacing your solo ("The Waiter")
• How to memorize major scales & key signatures ("Alligators, Elephants & Clowns")
• Using chord substitutions (Harmonic Turn Signals)
• Infusing your notes with life and energy ("The Bobber Theory")
• Using taste to differentiate the sounds of chords ("Apple Chords" - includes spellings for the 60 most common seventh chords)
• Two great ways to sequence a musical idea ("The Snake")
• Connecting with your listener ("Tasting Harmony")
• Organizing your musical furnishings ("The Music House")
• Scale note selection ("The Kid and the Cupcake")
• Transformative practice strategies ("Running with the Pro Dogs")

Notated musical examples, jazz etude excerpts, educational chord graphs and charts are featured throughout the book to further illustrate and teach the musical concepts.