Walking Bass Line Construction - F Blues








Product Code: WBLC
Author: Bob Sinicrope

by Bob Sinicrope

The most helpful beginner’s guide to walking bass lines ever published! A 'must' for teachers and students!

"An amazing book for anyone learning to walk jazz bass lines. A very simple but unique approach!” — Victor Wooten

Each exercise introduces one new advancement to help you learn how to create your own bass lines. The book progresses step-by-step from simply playing roots, all the way up to complete blues choruses in the style of 18 bass legends - from ‘Pops’ Foster to Ron Carter!

"Teaches what the bassist needs to do to be musically successful. It is quite thorough and will teach the user to be an excellent bassist/musician/listener.” — Rufus Reid

Choose from four different, professionally recorded backing tracks: 1 — piano, drums; 2 — guitar, drums; 3 — B3, drums; 4 — drums only

"Bob guides the student to help them create musically and theoretically perfect walking bass lines. I heartily recommend this book for both students and teachers!”

— John Goldsby

Exercises include concepts of approach notes, enclosures, passing tones, and forward motion. Access to detailed explanations of each concept, plus how to practice, playing with spirit, how to deepen your groove and much more! TAB included for beginning electric bassists. Range limited to high C (1st 5 frets for electric players).