Woody Shaw Trumpet Solos






Product Code: WS
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-10: 0-7935-7773-X
UPC-A: 073999420074

15 of Woody Shaw's exciting solos representing impeccable performances from Katrina Ballerina in the 'Moontrane' LP to Rosewood and on to Woody III. Transcribed directly from the recording with chord changes for trumpet and concert key as well as Woody's articulations.

In A Capricorn Way

In Case You Haven't Heard

Katrina Ballerina

Little Red's Fantasy

Organ Grinder, The

Rahsaan's Run


Stepping Stone

Theme For Maxine

To Kill A Brick

Tomorrow's Destiny

Woody I On The New Ark

Woody Ii Other Paths

Woody Iii New Offerings