Nessiah - B Flat Clarinet (Opt. C Part)






Product Code: 14281
Author: David Orlowsky Trio
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 14281

For B Clarinet / opt. C Part

Language: english / deutsch

Includes: Arabisher Tantz/Heyser Bulgar, Le Tigre, Mandala, Nessiah, Aer, Twisted Bulgar, Gra, Berenike, Macedoni, Waits Dance, North, Durch Nacht und Wind, Ballade, Amata

David Orlowsky and his trio are on a trip to a new style: chamber music that is partly sacral mood images and partly pulsing groove music that despite all its complexity is always of folkloristic directness and clarity. The trio uses the expression “ music” to express this unusual mixture – world music and chamber music combined in a unique musical language.

“What we strive for in making music is a condition in which we don’t actively play the music but are ‘played’ by it. Everything happens by itself and the music simply flows through us. To arrive at this condition, we need pieces that inspire and take hold of us. This works best when we tailor them directly to our own personalities.

People in our audience tell us again and again after our concerts what images and stories appear to them when they hear our music, and even when we are talking about the same piece, the images and stories couldn’t be any more different from one another. This is just what our approach is: we try to create images with our pieces that offer each person a place to project his or her own perceptions and feelings.”

David Orlowsky, Jens-Uwe Popp, Florian Dohrmann