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Jazz Improv - How To Play & Teach It!






Product Code: HTP
Author: Jimmy Amadie
ISBN-10: 0961303514

by Jimmy Amadie. Large, spiral bound book based on the tonal concept of “tension and release" that will provide students, teachers and pros with important principles of improvising melodic ideas, culminating in a creative procedure for improvisation.

Using a step-by-step approach resulting from the author's years of experience as a pianist, composer, teacher and artist-clinician, its pages will help each player to meet his full creative potential through the exploration of modal practices, target or "goal" notes, tonal-modality-tonality and bitonality.

Hear NPR’s “Fresh Air” story on Jimmy, his life, his music, and his books.

Guitarist Kurt Rosewinkel, who studied with Amadie, said: "My greatest teacher, Jimmy Amadie, was a true inspiration both musically and spiritually. I had one year of piano lessons with him when I was 17 and he gave me my foundation of harmonic understanding of jazz on the piano....What he probably taught me most is the value and meaning of blessing others with solid instruction and to inspire them to transcend their own limits. I will always have Jimmy in my heart and I wish him a blessed journey onward from this plane."