Make It Good - Big Band Arrangement



Recorded by the Duke Pearson Big Band

Arranged by Duke Pearson, Edited by Jeffrey Sultanof

Here is another fantastic arrangement from Duke Pearson. The original manuscript has been used to produce this arrangement - this is NOT a transcription.

'Make It Good' was recorded in 1968 on the 'Now Hear This' record for Blue Note and featured a cast of incredible players including Frank Foster, Marvin Stamm, Garnett Brown, Jerry Dodgion, Pepper Adams, Bob Cranshaw, and of course, pianist/arranger/conductor Duke Pearson. This up-tempo swing chart is will certainly bring out the best of your players.

On the recording there is a tenor solo followed by a baritone sax solo. In the original manuscript there is a tenor part written in where the recorded solo happens. So, we have decided to retain the original tenor part and move that solo to an open solo section (which is also indicated in the manuscript). This is a little bit of an odd form consisting of a 16-bar section followed by a 14-bar section, making a 30-bar form. At the end of the tune there is a improvised cadenza by both the tenor and baritone saxophones.

As is the case for all the Duke Pearson pro-level charts, the ranges are quite high - trumpet 1 goes to a high F# and trombone 1 goes to a high C. But, in several places that C is indicated as optional. There are no doubles in this chart. And, we have included an optional guitar part as there wasn't one in the original manuscript.

Swing - Difficult Level


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