I'm in the Mood for Love - Studio Orchestra with alto sax soloist


Recorded by Charlie Parker with Strings

Arranged by Joe Lippman, Edited by Jeffrey Sultanof

This arrangement was done by Joe Lippman for the second studio session that Charlie Parker did featuring strings (1950). The instrumentation on this one includes 4 violin parts, 2 viola parts as well as French horn and oboe. The oboe doubles English horn briefly but an alternate parts that avoids this double has been included. There was no guitar part; however, we have added one as an option. This has been completely edited and engraved from the original score and parts. Harp pedaling has been included.

NOTE: This is part of our CHARLIE PARKER WITH STRINGS series of arrangements.


1. Full Score
2. Alto Saxophone
3. Oboe (with English horn double)
4. Oboe (without English horn double)
5. Horn in F
6. 4 Violins
7. 2 Violas
8. Cello
9. Harp
10. Guitar (Optional)
11. Piano
12. Bass
13. Drums

Swing - Medium Difficulty