Ready, Aim, Improvise, Book 2

Book/2 CDs

Book/2 CDs




Product Code: RAI2
Author: Hal Crook
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-954810-66-6

As taught at Berklee College of Music Ready, Aim, Improvise!, Book 2: Soloing and Target Practice by Hal Crook explores the critical areas involved in learning how to improvise, including: music theory, jazz harmony, ear training, jazz execution, jazz vocabulary, practicing, self-critiquing, career planning, and much more. Ready, Aim, Improvise! is filled with musical examples, exercises, and practice routines that help make the learning process easy and enjoyable. Two enclosed play-along CDs feature modal, key-area and modulating chord progressions performed at a slow, manageable tempo. Ready, Aim, Improvise! is a clear, comprehensive study of the most important steps in a jazz musicians education. Don't be surprised if it gets you practicing more and playing better in no time at all! So get Ready . . . Aim . . . Improvise!