The Saxophone Intonation Workbook






Product Code: SIW
Author: Trent Kynaston
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07129
UPC-A: 805095071290

by Trent Kynaston

The saxophone can be a frustrating instrument to play in tune. Even otherwise solid players can struggle with intonation problems. Proper practice sessions and identifying/correcting fundamental flaws in technique are critical keys to correcting the problem. Trent Kynaston’s Saxophone Intonation Workbook is a thorough, organized approach to approaching saxophone intonation.

Basic concepts of embouchure and breathing, understanding the role of your equipment, and developing voicing techniques are all explored. Included is a tuning CD with numerous exercises along with additional scale and arpeggio studies. This is a must for all developing saxophonists.