Slow Practice

Plastic Comb Bound Book

Plastic Comb Bound Book




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Author: Chris Gekker
Composer: Chris Gekker
Publisher: Transition Publications
Publisher SKU: TP6

Focused, intelligent slow practice (long tones, intervals, scales, melodic studies) will positively influence all aspects of our playing. Endurance, intonation, flexibility, and even technical facility will all benefit. There are a number of proven methods that feature long tones, such as the contributions of Carmine Caruso, and the popularity of such approaches is because they work! I like to focus on two classics, J.B. Arban's "Complete Conservatory Method" and Max Schlossberg's "Daily Drills" for a structured and progressive program of long tone, interval, and scale practice.

Most of the studies in this book are based on studies from Arban and Schlossberg - and I have taken the liberty of including some of my personal history with the great teachers and colleagues from whom I've learned. For me, the practice of any material is deepened by the awareness of its context: how it was introduced to me and how I have been taught to address the challenges. - Chris Gekker