Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz Volume 2 CD

3 CDs

3 CDs




Product Code: TMTP2-CD
Publisher: Gia Publications
Publisher SKU: CD-1001
UPC-A: 785147100126

Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz, Volume 2 is a major contribution for jazz educators and leaders. This much anticipated successor to the acclaimed first book in this series provides insights of today's top jazz educators and performers as well as invaluable analyses of the best repertoire published for jazz ensembles, from developing to advanced levels.

This companion 3-CD set contains premier recordings of 31 of the most significant works for developing, intermediate and advanced jazz band that were ever composed. For more information about each piece, as well as conducting insights, refer to the book Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz, Volume 2 (GIA Publications, Inc., G-9031), compiled and edited by Richard Miles, selections by Ronald Carter, with additional contributions from Randy Brecker, Robert Knatt, Thara Memory, and Rodney Whitaker.

DISC 1 Developing
1. April in Paris—Duke, arr. Stitzel
2. Ballad for a Blue Horn—Steinel
3. Bemsha Swing—Monk & Best, arr. Taylor
4. Blues for Three Brothers—Rivera
5. Blues in the Night—Arlen, arr. Custer
6. Blues March—Golson, arr. Sharp
7. Cheesecake—Gordon, arr. Stitzel
8. Dat Dere—Timmons, arr. Morales
9. Groove Merchant—Richardson, arr. Barduhn
10. Groovin’ Hard—Menza, arr. Barduhn

DISC 2 Developing (cont.)
1. Jive at Five—Basie & Edison
2. Living in a Dream—Beach
3. Mambo Hot—Lopez
4. Mary Ann—Charles, arr. Sweeney
5. Next in Line—Kamuf
6. Orange Sherbert—Nestico
7. Strollin’ with Sammy—Baker
8. The Red Bank Express—Beach
9. West Coast Blues—Montgomery, arr. Berg
11. Here’s That Rainy Day—Van Heusen, arr. Curnow
10. Arnge Drank—Baker
11. Bebop ’n‘ Georgia—Taylor
12. Boplicity—Davis & Evans, ed. Tomaro

DISC 3 Intermediate (cont.)
1. Chelsea Bridge—Strayhorn, arr. Yasinitsky
2. Critical Mass—Jarvis
3. Eat at Joe’s—Classen
4. La Llama Azul—Washut
5. Tall and Lanky—Coffin, arr. Zvacek
6. Good Bait—Dameron
7. Just Friends—Lewis & Klenner, arr. McConnell
8. Widow’s Walk—Margitza, arr. Gailey