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Vocal Improvisation - By Michele Weir






Product Code: VI
Author: Michele Weir
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 9783892210627
ISBN-10: 3892210624
Publisher SKU: 14100
UPC-A: 805095141009

This book is designed for individual jazz singers, classroom students and teachers of vocal jazz. Exercises appropriate for all levels of experience, and can also be useful to instrumentalists for developing jazz articulation and connecting what they HEAR with what they PLAY. Includes chapters on jazz theory and keyboard, as well as a glossary and a "selected solos for transcribing" section. CD contains vocal examples with rhythm section background. 232 pages.


In The Time Of Summer
Rhythm and Syllables Only
Take The Train To Harlem
Leaves OF Fall
The Moon Has Risen
What Do They Call This