Cuesta Abajo - Sax Quartet

Full Score & Parts

Full Score & Parts




Product Code: 07458
Author: Carlos Gardel, Albert Loritz
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07458
Instrumentation: Sax Quartet

Saxophone Quartet (AATB).

Carlos Gardel (1890 – 1935) was one of the leading exponents of tango before Piazzolla.

The Argentine tango singer and composer’s adventurous life is documented in the relevant specialist literature but also on the internet, where quite an informative article has been published on Wikipedia.

The song Cuesta Abajo was featured in the US American movie of the same name (1934), which has been considered to be one of Gardel’s most famous screen performances. A celebrated tango singer – just like Gardel himself – is torn between two ladies, two worlds and two cosmopolitan cities, Buenos Aires and Paris.

In this arrangement for saxophone quartet, the individual voices take turns in executing the main melody. The brackets [ ] appearing in the score and in the individual parts mark the beginning and the end of those passages where the respective instrument takes the lead.

Enjoy the music! - Albert Loritz