Flor Mixteca - Sax Quintet

Sax Quintet (SATTB/AATTB)

Sax Quintet (SATTB/AATTB)




Product Code: 07468
Author: Christian Korthals
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07468

Saxophone Quintet (SATTB/AATTB) + optional Percussion & Leadsheet


Alto Sax 1 (or Soprano Sax/Trumpet)
Alto Sax 2
Tenor Sax 1
Tenor Sax 2 (or Trombone)
Baritone Sax (or Bass)
+ opt. Percussion & Leadsheet

"Flor Mixteca" is a lively latin piece with a catchy groove and a fresh melody, with a touch of melancholy in the bridge. It combines elements from chacha, tango, bossa and salsa. Less experienced players will also have the opportunity to exercise their rhythmic skills. The optional solo vamps are harmonically simple.