Der Barbier von Sevilla (The Barber of Seville) Akt II - Part II - Sax Quartet (SATB)

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Sheet Music




Product Code: 07473
Author: Christoph Enzel & G. Rossini
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Sax Quartet
Publisher SKU: 07473
Instrumentation: Sax Quartet

Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

Includes: Terzetto "Ah, Quel Colpo Inaspettato", Terzetto "Zitti, Zitti, Piano Piano", Polonoise "Di Si Felice Innesto"

Harmoniemusik – Music for Wind Instruments arranged for Saxophone Quartet in Four Volumes

Dating back to circa 1770, “Harmoniemusik” – music for wind instruments –was originally conceived for wind orchestras.

Scored for wood and brass instruments, it was mainly performed at open-air concerts and as “Tafelmusik” (table music). The standard instrumentation used to include pairs of oboes, clarinets, horns and bassoons forming a wind octet; the ensemble was often complemented by additional bass instruments such as a double bassoon, a double bass or further wind instruments.

Mostly, it was the composers themselves who arranged their works for wind instruments. This does not hold true for the original Barber of Seville “Harmoniemusik”. It was written by the clarinetist Wenzel Sedlák.

The version on hand takes up “Harmoniemusik” tradition and transposes the magnifi cent melodies of this opera into a contemporary musical setting via saxophone quartet.