O Tannenbaum (Maryland, my Maryland) Saxophone Quintet






Product Code: 07528
Author: Edgar Herzog
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Holiday Celebration Series
Publisher SKU: 07528
UPC-A: 805095075281

Saxophone Quintet (AATTB)

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone 1 (alt. Soprano Saxophone), Alto Saxophone 2, Tenor Saxophone 1 (alt. Alto Saxophone 3), Tenor Saxophone 2, Baritone Saxophone (alt. Tenor Saxophone 3)

After initially introducing the theme in a mere "cloud of sound“, the piece, then, starts off in a Cajun/New Orleans groove. All the voices have their solo spots. More and more independent voices join in falling into the groove and, thus, intensifying the tune: The sax family is in high Christmas spirits. Shortly after the climax – Is it the turkey or the presents? – the festivities are concluded in a short and classical manner. But, wait! It is a little musical joke that finally rounds the evening off.