Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5 - Sax Quintet

Sax Quintet Arrangement

Sax Quintet Arrangement




Product Code: 07562
Author: Johannes Brahms, Albert Loritz
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 07562
Instrumentation: Saxophone

Saxophone Quintet (SAATB)

Brahms’ Hungarian Dances are among the most popular compositions in the fi eld of light classical music with dance no. 5 probably being the most well-known one of the altogether 21 pieces of the cycle. It is this dance the arrangement for saxophone quintet at hand is based on.

Answers to the questions to what extent Brahms incorporated traditional Hungarian melodies into these pieces or whether the dances represent original creations of his own written in a “Hungarian style” might be found in specialist literature or on the internet.

These sources may also be consulted to get further information on the history of origins of these compositions.

The original version of the Fifth Hungarian Dance for Piano Four-Hands published in 1869 is written in F# minor. For most of the arrangements (for orchestra and for any other conceivable type of ensemble) created thereafter in rapid succession - but also for this

Present version written for saxophone quartet – the key of G minor was chosen.

The markings for tempo and dynamics included are based on the original composition but also take into account certain performance practices.

The individual voices take turns in executing the main melody. The brackets [ ] appearing in the score and in the individual parts mark the beginning and the end of those passages where the respective instrument takes the lead.

The arrangement for quintet at hand can be performed soloistically or in chorus. Have fun! - Albert Loritz