5 Huapangos - Oboe & Bassoon






Product Code: 08212
Author: Mike Curtis
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08212
UPC-A: 805095082128

By Mike Curtis. For Oboe, Bassoon. Woodwind Duet. Latin. Published by Advance Music.

The huapango is a popular dance originating on the east coast of Mexico. Its subtle alternation of 2 & 3 can be demonstrated in this recitation: MEX-ico, EC-uador, CHI-le, COS-ta, RI-ca. These dances can be likened to diarist entries written during an extended stay in Mexico's west coast state of Nayarit. Following each sultry day of more...exploring the beaches, I would come back to the bungalow and seek out a spezial cool corridor to put pencil to staff. The titles reveal favorite places and the name of our esteemed bungalow manager, Ofelia Silva. The addition of an improvising percussionist could enhance performance.