Clarinet Quartet - Air from Suite Nr. 3 in D (BWV 1068)






Product Code: 08434
Author: Johann Sebastian Bach/arr. Peter Schubert
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 08434
UPC-A: 805095084344

"There will hardly be any other piece that might fit the term „air“ (song, melody) – derived from the French language – better than the composition on hand. To facilitate its performance in various instrumentations, all the voices are written in C (flute, violin, ...) and Bb (clarinet). Additionally, the third voice is written in Eb (alto clarinet, alto saxophone) and F (basset horn). This way, many different settings are possible."

Alternative Part printed back-to-back Clarinet Quartet/Flexible Instrumentation:

  • Full score in Bb or C
  • 1st Part in Bb or C
  • 3rd Part in Bb, C, Eb, or F
  • 4th Part in Bb or C