Living Extra Large - Brent Fischer






Product Code: 08605
Author: Brent Fischer
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Brent Fischer Arrangements
Publisher SKU: 08600
Instrumentation: Clarinet

Bb clarinet 1-4, Eb alto clarinet, Bb bass clarinet 1-2, Eb contra bass clarinet, piano, bass, drums

Hard driving big band jazz for the clarinet family. Challenging lines for all (even bass and contrabass clarinets) but still playable by college or advanced high school musicians.
The score presents a unique study of using the augmented scale (as opposed to major, minor or diminished) as the basis from which to build diatonic or chromatic melodic structures and harmonic motion in subtle ways. The changes seem deceptively simple but they will keep soloists thinking on the edge of the seat.