Aignish on the Machair - Brass Quartet






Product Code: 20402
Author: Frank Reinshagen
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 20402
UPC-A: 805095204025

Song from the Hebrides. 2 Bb trumpets, Horn in F, 2 trombones. Compatible with clarinet and saxophone editions. Medium

Writing these arrangements, Frank Reinshagen has created little masterpieces, which broaden the rhythmical and harmonic context of the original tunes in an interesting manner without detracting from their archaic and melancholic character. These original tunes are in a direct or wider sense - of "Celtic origin", in other words, they have been borrowed from the Irish, Scottish and Gaelic musical tradition.

These through-composed arrangements are rather easy to perform from the rhythmical and technical point of view. Yet, they are quite demanding in respect of the key they are written in, their intonation and, especially, their interpretation. Their different instrumentations are fully compatible with each other and, due to their overall structure, they are also suitable to be played with multi-scored parts.

Annotation on "Aignish on the Machair"

The arrangement of Aignish on the Machair illustrates, above all, the melancholic character inherent in the harmonies of the original tune. A short rubato passage is followed by several variations over the flowing melody in 3/4 time. The short triplet passages embedded in these variations are quite demanding from the technical point of view; considering the key they are written in, however, these passages are not to difficult to play.