All About Chords






Product Code: AAC
Author: Elvo S. D'Amante
Publisher: Encore Music Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780962094156
ISBN-10: 0-9620941-0-2
128 pages

A comprehensive approach to understanding contemporary chordal structures and progressions through solid drills in suggested study questions, keyboard drills, and ear training exercises.

This comprehensive book is everyone’s favorite for quickly understanding chord structures, chord progressions, and, in essence, how chords really work. Whether your interest is purely recreational or strictly professional, this clearly written practical guide will help ensure musical literacy and the pursuit of musical excellence.

• Develops your understanding of triads, seventh chords and their extensions (9ths, 11ths, & 13ths)
• Provides chord sets for ear training drills and exercises
• Contains creative study questions to strengthen and develop understanding
• Presents valuable insights on chord progressions