Barry Galbraith Entire Set (Vol. 1-5)


The complete set of the Barry Galbraith Jazz Guitar Study Series.

1) The Fingerboard Workbook: Barry Galbraith's highly acclaimed, logical, and cohesive method of sliding, slurring and positioning of the fingers on exercises through several Major and Dom. 7th keys. Also covers the Cycle of Fifths and II/V's.

2) Daily Exercises: Barry Galbraith's popular exercise book embraced by students and teachers worldwide. Subtitled "Melodic & Harmonic Minor Modes." Thirty-five pages of exercises utilizing minor modes over chord progressions with finger and position notation.

3) Guitar Comping: An excellent play-along set from the great Jazz and studio artist. Contains jazz voicings and rhythms for a range of standards and blues. Bass parts shown in treble clef. Barry on guitar, Milt Hinton on bass. Excellent time feel. Fun for all instrumentalists to improvise with. Well-known standards based on the chord changes presented here include Shiny Stockings, Gone With The Wind, Out Of Nowhere, You Stepped Out Of A Dream, I Got Rhythm, Nardus, Tangerine, Body and Soul, and Like Someone In Love.

4) Play Along with Bach: Play along with Barry! Contains fifteen 2-part inventions that demonstrates the rich, melodic genius of Bach in his most economical form. Contains position markings, where applicable, to smooth out difficult passages. The recording has Barry playing both parts with total stereo separation so you can fill in the missing part. Or, listen to both tracks in their entirety.

5) Guitar Improv: NOW INCLUDES TAB as well as "standard" notation! Contains 10 finger/transcribed solos based on "standard" chord changes by the great Barry Galbraith. Recording contains Mark Slifstein playing the transcribed solos with Milt Hinton on bass and Barry comping behind you. Turn off the Slifstein channel and solo with Barry and Milt comping behind you. Turn off the other channel and comp with Milt behind Mark, or listen to both channels and enjoy the trio.