How To Play Advanced Chordal Bebop Lines For Guitar - Volume 2






Product Code: CBLG2
Author: Jim Bastian
Publisher: Coastal Publishing

Volume #2 - Newly revised in 2008 - includes even more material!

by Jim Bastian. Chordal Bebop Lines for Guitar Volume 2 provides the next logical step, following Volume 1, for guitarists who are seriously engaged in developing a chordal approach to improvisation, in the styles of Wes Montgomery, Barney kessel, and Cal Collins.

Whereas Volume 1 lays a foundation for this style, and includes studies of patterns, chord scales, and chord inversions, Volume 2 devotes more space to longer and more complex patterns.

This volume contains more advanced linear examples, exercises i voice leading (which utilize more modern voicings), extended solo excerpts from the masters of this style, and a widening vocabulary of chords that builds on those found in Volume 1.

The same principle from Volume 1 is applied in Volume 2 as well: In memorizing the chordal patterns, fragments, and riffs, the goal is for the player to be able to weave these together to fit any changing improvisatory situation.

The goal of both volumes is to develop a chordal vocabulary which can be applied over underlying chord changes, much the same as singl-line patterns and scales are internalized and able to be applied without thinking about them.