Cool Blues Piano/Keyboard Grooves

Book/Audio Files

Book/Audio Files




Product Code: CBPKG
Author: Andrew Gordon
Publisher: ADG Productions
Publisher SKU: ADG166
Instrumentation: Piano/Keyboard

Book and downloadable audio files. “Cool Blues Piano-Keyboard Grooves” is a music instructional book written by internationally acclaimed author/musician Andrew D. Gordon. Andrew has written over 60 music educational books such as: “12 Bar Blues Bible”, “100 Ultimate Blues Riffs”, “60 Of The Funkiest Keyboard Riffs Known To Mankind”, “The Bluesier Side Of Jazz”, “Ultimate Latin Riffs for Piano/Keyboards” available worldwide through music stores and internet sites either as music books or digital downloads.

This book contains 44 Blues rhythm grooves recorded 4 times (twice at a slow tempo and twice at the normal tempo) that will enable the beginner/intermediate student to develop their Blues piano/keyboard skills through watching Andrew play the grooves in the video as well as seeing the music notation at the same time. Using this method with his students, Andrew has noticed that they are able to learn quickly as well as having a lot of fun learning. The audio tracks are in the form of downloadable tracks from a website using the password inside the book (there is no CD with this book.)

The grooves are in different keys and tempos based on the 12 Bar Blues tradition and cover a wide range of different Blues styles whether playing a Slow Blues, Funky Blues, Swing Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Rock Blues etc.