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The Jazz Solos Of Chick Corea

Paperback Book

Paperback Book






Product Code: CHICK
Author: Peter Sprague
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 0-961470186
Publisher SKU: 143

Chick's right hand was ground breaking; effortlessly defying bar lines and traditional harmonic and melodic tradition. These single line transcriptions (not full piano score) are applicable to all instrumentalists! Over 150 pages of Chick's finest solos. These notes speak for themselves and reveal hidden improv techniques that we can all utilize in our own solos. Start learning exciting modern Jazz/Latin improv today!

Album Contents:

  • Windows
  • Armando's Rhumba
  • Inside Out, Samba Song
  • Waltz (Lyric Suite)
  • 500 Miles High
  • Eternal Child
  • Friends
  • Senor Mouse
  • Quartet #1
  • Quartet #2 PT.2
  • Quartet #3
  • The Slide
  • Tones For Joan's Bones
  • Starlight
  • Fickle Funk
  • Got A Match
  • The One Step
  • Sicily
  • Tap Step
  • High Wire
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • King Cockroach
  • Litha
  • Night Streets
  • Spain

  • Chick Corea says: "Peter Sprague's excellence as a musician is well demonstrated in his live and recorded performances... I don't know anyone I would trust more to correctly transcribe my improvisations."