Jazz Ensemble Workout

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Product Code: D-JRJE
Author: Joe Riposo
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz

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by Joe Riposo

Jazz ensemble directors use a variety of warm up materials with their bands. After the warm up session one would expect the jazz ensemble to play in tune and with good ensemble balance. Between what is accomplished in the warm up session and the rehearsal or performance there seems to be a disconnection. The warm up experience does not always lead to a more productive rehearsal or a musical performance. The knowledge obtained in the warm up session does not always transfer over into the rehearsal or performance. Some times it almost sounds like two difference bands playing one during the warm up session and an other during the rehearsal or performance.

The main focus of this Jazz Ensemble Workout (A Pedagogical Approach with A Purpose) is to provide students with the experience of being able to transfer the knowledge obtained in the warm up session to the rehearsal and performance. This transfer of knowledge needs to become automatic and a natural outgrowth of the warm up session. The material in this method book allows students to apply what has been learned in the warm up experience into the rehearsal and performance. One needs to explore the out comes of a warm up session in terms of what has been accomplished and turn this knowledge into usable knowledge.

With the method presented in this book, students during the warm up session experience some of the following concepts: playing with good intonation, line direction, ensemble balance etc. The material in this book will allow students to play with better balance by hearing that some notes in a scale sound better then others. While playing in an ensemble, these are the notes that need to be emphasized which contribute to the balance of a chord. Learning to play in tune is not playing a concert “A” in tune but playing a note in tune as related to other notes in the scale or chord.

With this concept in mind hopefully you will experience a more productive rehearsal that will lead to a musical performance.