Greg Abate Jazz Songs & Etudes Collection - Bass Clef Instruments

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Product Code: D-JSE-BC
Author: Greg Abate
Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Publisher SKU: D-JSE-BC

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By Greg Abate

Jazz Songs & Etudes Collection - Bass Clef Instruments

“These Etudes were intended for sight reading that would be advantageous to any student developing technique for their instrument. I find them challenging to play. The songs are harmonically constructed to represent my style of composition and are in a typical lead line/chord symbols fakebook format. However, I deliberately left chord changes out of the études to encourage students to apply his or her own chords as they see fit harmonically as to how they hear the melody lines. There are infinite chord possibilities! ” - Greg Abate

“A master of the idiom, this terrific collection of tunes and etudes by Greg Abate is an excellent addition to any serious student’s collection. Well constructed, melodic, and challenging- a fantastic book!” - Joseph Foley; Music Director. Rhode Island College Jazz Band

”Like he plays on the horn, he writes that way….straight ahead and intense. These are great etudes for any level saxophonist….enjoy!!” - David Liebman

”Jazz Songs and Etudes by Greg Abate in bass clef is a wonderful collection of solid Bass clef reading studies and melodic ideas to try. I will be practicing it and you can take a lot of it up an octave also to go to another level. Highly recommended. ”- Harvie S

”The Greg Abate book reminds me of the Lennie Niehaus books I used as a young saxophonist. It is well written and perfect for developing your reading in jazz language. Vincent Herring” - Vincent Herring