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Product Code: D-TIJI
Author: Vincent Herring

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In this book, saxophone master Vincent Herring has created a unique and logical way to approach improvising — one which will give your musical development a solid footing you won't find anywhere else! It contains detailed explanations of crucial improvisation concepts, and then demonstrates them with transcriptions of recorded phrases, as well as complete solos (including C, Bb, Eb and bass clef versions), showing how these concepts are utilized in real-time musical settings.

This extremely well-organized book by Vincent Herring goes into just about everything you need to know in becoming a well-rounded professional musician. This book indeed reflects a lifetime of learning.”
— Randy Brecker

If anyone should have a method book, its the great Vincent Herring! He's amassed a wealth of knowledge playing with the very best in this business, and he has become not only one of the most important voices in this music, but one of its most important and treasured educators!”
— Jeremy Pelt

Contents include:
In-depth look at Pentatonics - see first video below

Dissecting the Diminished Scale

Formulating Bebop Language - a new and more effective approach

A comprehensive collection of idiomatic cells, lines and patterns over all chord qualities

Over 100 transcribed phrases from Vincent and other master musicians demonstrating the various concepts of the book

Videos of Vincent playing ideas from the book, along with 7 transcription videos of Vincent's solos (see second video below)

For musicians of any skill level, on any instrument

Spiral-bound, 302 pages, $37 list price, $24 for full-color PDF version

This book is a gem! Vincent Herring is one of the foremost jazz musicians in the world, and his book gives us a look at how he approaches modern jazz harmony. I couldn't put it down and found myself going to the piano over and over to apply his concepts.This is a must have addition to any serious music theory collection.”
— Eric Alexander

It is great to be able to peer inside Vincent's mind to see how he approaches jazz improvising. He is an incredible musician and his book will help you find new sounds and ways of practicing.”
— Seamus Blake