Walking Bassics: The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing

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Product Code: D-WB
Author: Ed Fuqua
Publisher: Sher Music Co.
ISBN-10: 1883217504
Publisher SKU: 165

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by swinging NY bassist Ed Fuqua

Endorsed by Eddie Gomez, Jimmy Haslip, John Goldsby, Ben Allison, etc.

One of the few method books that focuses exclusively on how to create authentic-sounding walking bass lines.

Designed for beginning players or anyone wanting a solid foundation for learning jazz bass.

Contains detailed discussions of:

• the four crucial principles of walking bass line construction
• how to always make good note choices
• tips on creating good time feel
• a dozen additional walking bass techniques, once the basics have been mastered.

"Thoughtfully conceived, informative, concise, and organized with the needs of the young musician in mind." — EDDIE GOMEZ (bassist with Bill Evans, Chick Corea, etc.)

"I found this book to be a really well-planned, in-depth and articulate study of the walking bass concept. I recommend this book for those who are searching for the right answers on how to create a strong, solid and confident walking bass line. I am now personally excited to schedule 'Walking Bassics' into my own study rotation." — JIMMY HASLIP (bassist with Yellowjackets, Alan Holdsworth, etc.)

"Provides the aspiring jazz bassist with a thorough guide to walking bass lines. This is an in-depth look at the heart and soul of jazz bass playing." — JOHN GOLDSBY (bassist and author of "The Jazz Bass Book")

"This is a simple yet thorough book on beginning bass lines. Music is all about group interplay and most accomplished modern improvisers see a performance as a conversation. This book gives beginning musicians some of the basic tools they need to get into that kind of conversation on a deep level. — BEN ALLISON (Bassist and Palmetto Records recording artist)

"I call the bass line the bass melody. It is a really important area for all bass players to dig deep into. Ed Fuqua's book is an important addition to the jazz pedagogy for bass players. I highly recommend it." — MEL GRAVES (bassist with Denny Zeitlin, Mose Allison, etc. Head of Sonoma State Univ. Jazz Dept.)