Product Code: D12
Author: Matt Falker
Publisher: Sound Music Publications
Publisher SKU: SMP08-023
UPC-A: 837101406581

by Matt Falker

* (or anyone who wants to improve their piano skills).

Want to learn to play chords off of a lead sheet? This step-by-step method will teach you about: basic piano technique, playing triads and seventh chords, reading jazz chord symbols, smooth voice leading between chords, and ii-V-I progressions using just three notes.

While the title of this DVD is Jazz Piano For Singers, it will be a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn how to play the most common chords and chord progressions on any lead sheet.

This method will lead you through a step-by-step process of learning to play in every key. These skills can be put to use for accompanying yourself or other musicians, practicing improv, or just laying down some changes!
The DVD covers material equivalent to a first-semester college level jazz piano class, and is designed for personal instruction or as the basis for classroom instruction. Watch for Volume 2, which will cover more advanced voicings.

Bonus Material: Practice worksheets are available for you to download and print to guide your practicing. These files are available in the universal PDF format.

Matt Falker is currently on the jazz faculty at the University of Southern California, MiraCosta College and California State University, Northridge, where he directs vocal jazz ensembles and teaches jazz piano and other related classes. Matt received his undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University in jazz piano and his graduate degree from the University of Southern California in jazz voice.

An active performer and clinician internationally, he served on the vocal jazz faculty for the 2006 IAJE Teacher Training Institute, and was the vocal jazz representative on the Southern California Vocal Association Executive Board. He has served as the guest conductor for both the All-State Collegiate Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the LAUSD Middle School Honors Chorus, and his vocal arrangements are published by UNC Jazz Press. Matt also plays keyboards for the Los Angeles Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America.