Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten: Bass Extremes Live






Product Code: D1396
Author: Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten
Publisher: Alfred Music
Series: Alfred's Artist Series
ISBN-13: 9780757918575
ISBN-10: 0757918573
Publisher SKU: 00-907129
UPC-A: 654979071297
Instrumentation: Bass Guitar

Steve and Victor demonstrate how the bass guitar can supply bass lines, piano and guitar-style comping figures, lead solos, and percussion parts, in styles ranging from bebop to new age to heavy metal. Each piece highlights different aspects of their amazing techniques -- like Steve's three-finger technique or his awe-inspiring command of harmonics and chord voicings, or Victor's incredible funk grooves, and thumb and two-handed tapping techniques. Special features include a bonus lesson in fourths and fifths, a performance only option, a bonus performance by Billy Sheehan, and printable reference material.