Jazz Flute Masterclass with Ali Ryerson - DVD






Product Code: D1400
Author: Ali Ryerson
Publisher: Lessonface
Instrumentation: Flute

Jazz Flute MasterClass is a step-by-step course designed for both the aspiring and experienced jazz flutist. Join Ali as she explores a broad range of topics related to the process of improvisation and creating a true jazz sound on the flute.

She'll explain and demonstrate jazz articulation & accents; how to modify vibrato; swing feel (the real deal!); idiomatic rhythmic figures; the relationship between chords and scales and how to apply; 12-bar blues; developing a motif...and more!

The course is ideal for both the classical flutist taking their initial plunge into jazz improv, and the budding jazz flutist seeking to develop their improvisational skills. Jazz Flute MasterClass will help you to achieve your goal - becoming a more experience jazz flute player!

Jazz flutist Ali Ryerson is an internationally renowned recording and touring artist. As an educator, Ryerson has blazed a trail for aspiring jazz flutists everywhere, thanks to her master classes, jazz clinics, online LessonFace series, and published instructional materials, including her widely acclaimed Jazz Flute Practice Method book.