Duo for Timpani






Product Code: DFT
Composer: Alexander Lepak
Publisher: Try Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 9781934638446
Publisher SKU: TRY1151
Instrumentation: Timpani

This s composition has been conceived for two players, each using three timpani. More than three timpani may be used if necessary. The following are the ranges needed when using three drums per player:


  1. 1 - G to D
  2. 2 - C to G
  3. 3 - E to A

    PART II:
    1. 1 - F to D
    2. 2 - G to D
    3. 3 - C to G

      The pitch changes may be analyzed in more than one way. In certain cases there may be a need to cross pitches:

      e.g. MOVEMENT I

      PART I may be tuned C - D - Eb. In this case, the D will gliss to G and the Eb will remain on drum #3. Another analysis would be to start with the drums tuned C - Eb - D. In this case, the pitches on drums #2 and #3 will be crosses throughout the first part of the movement.

      Movement II is unbarred. Each accidental remains for the entire line. In some cases, accidentals have been repeated for clarity.

      Glissando is notated by a connecting straight line. The second note of a gliss is struck only when indicated by a dot over the note, an accent over the note, or if the note ends on a roll.