Dave Liebman Anthology - Original Compositions






Product Code: DLA
Author: David Liebman
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 12031
UPC-A: 805095120318

53 original compositons by the popular contemporary sax man, some based on standards with Dave's unique harmonic touch. Some are in lead line (fake book) form, some are arranged for piano, and others are in sketch orch. form (melody on the top staff and harmony parts written on the lower staff/staves.)
160 pages

Having the invaluable experience of being associated with Lieb on many levels for many years, and also having played and recorded many of these compositions, I can say from experience that his music offers not only the greatest challenges but also the greatest rewards. Practicing and performing his compositions will give you exposure to every type of playing situation imaginable and broaden your musical and improvisational horizons.
- Phil Markowitz

I call Dave an “improvisionary” – a great jazz composer and improviser with a unique vision of the world, reflected in his compositions, some of which are found in this great new collection. It always takes more than one “look” to play one of these pieces. They are, to say the least, challenging; but clearly worth it! Congratulations, Bro! And thanks to the wonderful Veronika Gruber of advance music for continuing Hans’s great work.
- Richie Beirach