The Lighthouse Omnibook - David Liebman & Steve Grossman






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Selected transcriptions of David Liebman and Steve Grossman from the landmark "Live At The Lighthouse" recordings with Elvin Jones. Spiral bound, so it opens easily and stays open on your music stand. Solos are in Bb (tenor) key.

"Elvin Jones' classic "Live at the Lighthouse" recordings have provided a generation of jazz musicians (myself definitely included) with tremendous inspiration and material for study. Liebman and Grossman raised the bar for what could be accomplished on the saxophone after assimilating the musical language of John Coltrane, and Elvin Jones was at the absolute peak of his powers. The joy these four musicians must have shared playing together still jumps out of the speakers at you, and it remains a shining example of jazz at its most vital." - Chris Potter

"With the greatest drummer ever, this record was a high point which set the direction and tone for young tenor players. It was the new way." - JERRY BERGONZI

"That was a classic and pivitol recording for me, and the music was so intense and played so hard that I was just floored. A completely modern style - you could feel the intensity in that record." - BILL EVANS

"This record is an example of the next generation of Coltrane fanatics, and the legacy lives on." - GEORGE GARZONE

"It's a good record. I always get, "It's a great record, etc." It was always very stimulating to play with Elvin. It was the first live thing we did, and I felt generally good about the music." - STEVE GROSSMAN

"Referring to patterns that Trane had worked out, Steve and David's lines were so great. An important landmark." - PAT LABARBERA

"The "Live At The Lighthouse" date was one of the most exciting nights of my musical life. The energy and enthusiasm of a working band consisting of three young musicians with one of the greatest masters of all time was for all of us a once in a lifetime event that we will never forget." - DAVID LIEBMAN

"That quartet was such a strong beautiful focus as a collective ensemble that it gave me a lot of direction at that time. The way that those four cats played together was very compositional with beautiful interplay, and the weight of the energy was equal in the group." - JOE LOVANO

"One of the consummate saxophone recordings. Ground-breaking on so many levels; the way the musicians related, the openness of the music. Great record." - BOB MINTZER Tunes:

Fancy Free - Donald Byrd
New Breed - David Liebman
Sambra - Gene Perla
Taurus People - Farouq Dawud
Sweet Mama - Gene Perla
I'm A Fool To Want You - Frank Sinatra
The Children, Save The Children - Don Garcia
Brite Piece - David Liebman
Children's Merry-Go-Round - Keiko Jones
For All Those Other Times - Gene Perla

Recorded at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA ~ Nov, 18th, 2005.
Petter Wettre (Saxophone)
Steve Wirts (Saxophone)
Gene Perla (Bass)
Bob Gullotti (Drums)
by Farouq Dawud