365 Days of Practice








Product Code: DOP
Author: Rick Margitza

NEW by Rick Margitza

A high-level guide to practicing from one of the masters of contemporary jazz.

- 365 Days Of Practice is the result of a project by Rick Margitza in which he posted an idea online every day during the year 2020.
- The exercises cover a broad spectrum of musical ideas that range from basic bebop language to its transformation into contemporary jazz - even 12-tone lines that can be incorporated over standard chord changes. See sample pages below.
- The lines are often totally unique and will enlarge your melodic pallette considerably!
- Also included is an introductory chapter on Rick's practice method that illustrates how most of the material in the book was generated and how these exercises (and all musical material, for that matter) can be expanded.
- Notably, both Rick and Michael Brecker studied with and learned their practice methods from the same teacher, Gary Campbell.
- The book also includes access to backing tracks for each example that Rick created and plays along with. Very helpful for ingraining the sounds of these exercises in your musical memory!
- 365 Days of Practice can be used by musicians of all levels, on any instrument. Don't miss it!