Daily Technical Studies for Saxophone






Product Code: DTSS
Author: Javier Zalba
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-10: 3-89221-100-0
Publisher SKU: 07151
UPC-A: 805095071511
Instrumentation: Saxophone

Within the framework of this book I can only endeavor to present a mere part of the work educators and instrumentalists have contributed to the field of saxophone studies throughout many years. On behalf of all the Cuban saxophone instructors and masters, professors such as Arturo Bonachea, “Tito” Rivera, Osvaldo González, Carlos F. Averoff, Miguel Villafruela and Jorge Luís Almeida, that have gone a long way – through their professional work and individual contributions – towards creating what today is known as the Cuban school of saxophone.

My only goal is, on the one hand, to lay the foundation for a daily study and practice routine, tackling the different technical problems and, on the other hand, to emphasize the importance of abiding by this scheme with discipline and perseverance. I have tried to compile a series of exercises which should enable you to accomplish this task. (Javier Zalba)

Text: english + spanish