The Ears Have Walls - An Approach to Ear Training for the Jazz Improviser

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Product Code: EHW
Author: Brian Dickinson
Publisher: Advance Music
Publisher SKU: 16308
UPC-A: 805095163087

by Brian Dickinson.

Book and online audio tracks. This book is a comprehensive approach to ear training that will greatly improve every player’s grasp of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic concepts.

Although geared to the jazz improviser, this book will prove beneficial to all types of players and all instruments.

The varied examples in this book cover extensive musical vocabulary starting from simple diatonic melodies and chord progressions, working through modal, bop and pentatonic ideas.

Beginners to seasoned professionals will find that The Ears Have Walls can help them to become more fluent improvisers.

The accompanying online audio tracks recordings offer hours of practice in hearing the chords, intervals and progressions a contemporary jazz player needs to be familiar with.

The author has used the ear training system detailed in this book over many years and it has proven to be very successful.


A Dorian Melody
D Phrygian Melody
D Mixolydian Melody