Easy Jazz Conception for Baritone Sax






Product Code: EJC-BS
Author: Jim Snidero
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Easy Jazz Conception
Publisher SKU: 14773
UPC-A: 805095147735

by Jim Snidero.

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In the mode of his popular "Jazz Conception" series, Jim Snidero has compiled a new series for the beginning instrumentalist. These solos are very easy, requiring very limited playing experience. A great way to get kids started playing jazz now!


Basie's Blues
Basie's Blues - Rythm Only
Hot And Humid
Hot and Humid - Rythm Only
Shufflin' In F
Shufflin' In F - Rythm Only
Duke's Convoy
Duke's Convoy - Rythm Only
Caliente Blues
Caliente Blues - Rythm Only