Essentials of Jazz Theory Book 2






Product Code: EJT2
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7390-3087-6
UPC-A: 038081205533

This three volume series is designed for jazz enthusiasts and musicians who want to have a better understanding of the language of jazz. Each Volume includes a CD, allowing students to hear the musical examples discussed and offering students the opportunity to test their listening skills. The musical examples are played by a variety of instruments. Buy the complete set of three and save!

Volume #1 introduces swing feel, major seventh and ninth chords, dominant seventh and ninth chords, dominant function, bebop dominant scale, 12-bar blues and more.

Volume #2 covers Counterpoint - Bass and Melody, Walking/Latin Bass Lines, Two-Note Voicings, Comping & Comp Rhythms, Voice Leading, Minor 7th and 9th Chords, (MI7, MI9) & Inversions, Supertonic Function - iiMI& and iiMI9 Chords, Resolution of iiMI7 to V7, ii-V7s, Turn arounds, Jazz Language - Combined Scale/Arpeggio licks, Dominant 13th (13) Chords & ii-V-I Voicings, Passing Minor +7 Chord (MI (+7)) & Progression, Altered doms, Diminished 7th Chords (o7) & Diminished Scales, Glossary & Index of Terms and Symbols - and much more!!

Volume #3 progresses to the jazz language - Melodic soloing and sequences, Afro-Cuban jazz, Drop-Two voicings, many exotic and uncommon chords, Turnarounds, different cadences, Blues scale usage in a variety of situations, plagal progressions, slash chords, altered dominants, diminished concepts over dominants, and much more.

Teacher's Answer Key is one complete book with answers for the Lesson and Review pages for all three VOlumes as well as music for the Ear-Training pages. Includes 3 CDs and a 120 page spiral bound book. $37.50