Eddie Jimenez Trumpet Series: Vol. 3 Finger Dexterity, Scales, Arpeggios & Tone Poems




Product Code: EJTS3
Author: Eddie Jimenez
Publisher: Charles Colin Publications
Series: Jimenez Trumpet Series
Publisher SKU: MJP3
Instrumentation: Trumpet

Developing a good strong foundation is like building a house on solid rock. it is the most important aspect of mastering a brass instrument. One of the most important skills to pass on to young musicians, is to teach them the importance of technique and fundamentals.

After years of teaching private lessons and clinics to young trumpeters, I have set out to write three trumpet method books that develop technique and fundamentals without forcing the student to go too high or too fast too soon. These three method books are designed as a precursor to all the great method books advanced players get to enjoy.

For years I have coached students using the only available books that, although great in many ways, render obsolete within the first nine or ten pages. They force the student to go too high too soon creating bad habits that distort the embouchure resulting in a pinched sound. Range and endurance must be developed naturally and never forced to ensure proper training. Brass instruments are incredibly physical. As a child grows, more muscle is developed. Therefore, range and endurance are achieved through the natural growing process.

-Eddie Jiménez