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Focal Point Exercises




Product Code: FOCAL

by Chris Gekker

These wonderful trumpet exercises and comments are centered on the idea of raising the daily warmup starting point to third space C or higher, to fourth space E or fifth line F. The exercises cover many areas, giving the player options to choose while focusing on this higher starting point. As always Chris’ comments are thoughtful and practical in approaching the trumpet.

"I highly recommend this book for players young and old. Chris has once again given us a valuable addition to our practice pedagogy. We can all thank him for his years of spectacular playing, his thoughtful written words, and now with Focal Point Exercises , an excellent approach to playing in the higher register with ease."
Allan Dean
Professor Emeritus of Music, Yale University
New York Brass Quintet
St. Louis Brass Quintet
Calliope (Renaissance Band)
Summit Brass, Founding Member
Prolific recording career in solo, chamber music, and as a commercial studio musician