Getting Into Bluegrass Mandolin Book/CD Set






Product Code: GIBM
Author: Dix Bruce
Publisher: Mel Bay
Series: Getting Into
ISBN-13: 9780786666881
ISBN-10: 0786666889
Publisher SKU: 20099BCD
UPC-A: 796279087278

Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin is specifically designed to quickly and simply show you how to play bluegrass mandolin. It teaches everything you’ll need to know including: chords (both open and ‘bluegrass chop’ variety), rhythm, single-note playing, double stops, fiddle tunes, playing in all keys (transposing from one key to another), playing backup, introductions or “kickoffs”, and tremolo. Lessons use classic bluegrass songs and tunes to help you build a great bluegrass repertoire as you learn. All songs and examples from the book are recorded at both slow and regular speeds on the CD. Written in standard notation and tablature.