The Guitar Style Resource

Book & CD

Book & CD




Product Code: GSR
Author: Raleigh Green
Publisher: Alfred
Series: Style Resource Series
ISBN-13: 9780739089088
ISBN-10: 0739089080
Publisher SKU: 00-39292
UPC-A: 038081439846
Instrumentation: Guitar

You've learned the basics of guitar, so now it's time to explore new styles and techniques to help you become a well-rounded and more knowledgeable player. With The Guitar Style Resource, you will be exposed to a variety of musical influences that will help you create a unique, original, and exciting sound. Using examples based on actual songs, you will learn the essential elements of various styles. Learn about important players and understand what goes into creating a great guitar part. Dig in and explore new concepts that will unleash your inner musical potential. The included CD clearly demonstrates the musical examples in the book.

* Explore a wide variety of styles from rock and reggae to classical and funk

* Learn about the styles and recordings of pioneering players

* Master techniques such as fingerstyle, palm muting, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bending

* Covers acoustic and electric guitar technique

* Includes sample licks and tips on soloing


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