The Harmony of Bill Evans - Volume 2 Book/CD






Product Code: HBE2
Author: Bill Evans arr. by Jack Reilly
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN-13: 9781423465867
ISBN-10: 1423465865
Publisher SKU: HL 00311828

Bill Evans died in 1980 but the compositional legacy he left behind is forever expanding. In Reilly's second volume, he provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of Evans' compositions. It includes two important theory chapters, plus ten of Bill's most passionate and melodically gorgeous works. The voicing charts for all ten songs are more complex than volume one and pianistically more demanding, yet always worth the effort.

The subjects of modulation and key relationships that are discussed in each chapter will help the player memorize faster and improvise with more facility; not an easy task when performing Evans' music. The "Lament for Bill" in chapter 13 is the author's tribute to the genius of this great artist. The accompanying audio CD will add to the enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of the written examples.

Songs included:
- For Neneette
- January
- Laurie
- Maxine
- Song for Helen
- Turn Out the Stars
- Very Early
- Waltz for Debby
- And more!!