Harmonic Facility For Instrumentalists

Book/Online Audio

Book/Online Audio




Product Code: HFI
Author: John Zappa
Publisher: Bugles Media Group, LLC
ISBN-13: 9780692446331

by John Zappa. "Harmonic Facility For Instrumentalists" presents the basic and the complex harmonic structures found in contemporary music. The exercises are a model of how musical phrases can be created using these elements. This can be used by musicians of any genre looking to build technique based on modern musical phrasing and by improvising musicians looking to enhance their vocabulary. The book can be used by instrumentalists at all levels because the exercises are designed to be manageable for anyone, expandable for the advanced and interpretable by the creative. Companion audio tracks available online.

“John Zappa's new book, Harmonic Facility for Instrumentalists is a virtual treasure trove of information for the improvising musician, starting with fundamental building block material, and expanding to encompass many of the complex harmonic structures found in contemporary music. As the tile suggests, it's not just for one instrument, but for ALL instruments! This book is highly recommended.”
- Jim Rotondi
Trumpeter and Educator

“John Zappa’s Harmonic Facility is a fantastic resource not just for useful practice regimes for all instruments, but also for inspiring creative jazz ideas. I particularly like the way he gets right to the connection between vocabulary and actual tunes.”
-Rick VanMatre
Saxophonist and Former Director of Jazz Studies, College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati

“I like John’s book a lot and am working with it because it is simple and focuses on fundamentals. As a pianist, it gives me a concept for practicing contemporary linear jazz language that is specific, yet open-ended; it helps me develop approaches that I need for my concept on my own instrument.”
-Phil Degreg
Pianist and Educator