Herbie Hancock: The Blue Note Years






Product Code: HHBN
Author: Olegario Diaz
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Publisher: Charles Colin
Publisher SKU: CC3028
Instrumentation: Piano
109 Pages

This theoretical book is meant to improve contemporary jazz styles techniques for all players of modern jazz. These exercises were made as an extension of my book “240 Chromatic Exercises+ 1165 Jazz Lines Phrases For The Modern Improviser” (LINK). Perfectly suited for trumpet, trombone, and all other wind instruments in treble clef, this book is a great way to get into the jazz vocabulary of the great Herbie Hancock.

We will divide this book into scale and arpeggio exercises, transcribed line phrases as well as voicings for left, right, both hands and jazz camp rhythms used by Herbie Hancock for the Blue Note Records, as a leader and as a sideman Player. The majority of these exercises should be transposed to all twelve (12) tones, so we can achieve perfect coordination. Major chords, Minor chords and Dominant chords will be extended to their highest level, in scales, arpeggios and chromatic form. There will not be key signature centers, so we will work all exercises in accidental way.

We also, are presenting piano voicings that should be practiced in all keys and jazz camp rhythms used in a staccato form to establish his particular way of Piano Accompanying.

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Any individual or class using this book, should listen to as much jazz, recorded and live, as possible.