Improvisation 101: Major, Minor, and Blues - E Flat






Product Code: IMPROV-E
Author: Gregory W. Yasinitsky
Publisher: Advance Music
Series: Improvisation 101
ISBN-13: 9783954810406
ISBN-10: 3954810409
Publisher SKU: 14412
UPC-A: 805095144123
Instrumentation: E Flat Instruments

How do you learn to improvise? Greg Yasinitsky's new method for beginners, Improvisation 101: Major, Minor, and Blues, has been thoroughly tried and tested in numerous workshops and classes. His method is based on easy-to-play pieces that each introduce, one at a time, the building blocks of jazz, rock, and pop music. Each tune comes with sample solos, improvised and written out by experienced musicians. Step-by-step your skills will develop, from understanding the theory, to copying and elaborating, to playing and improvising freely. The included play-along CD provides you with both melody and play-along tracks, as well as sample solos for each piece. Improvisation 101: Major, Minor, and Blues is available in compatible editions for B-flat, E-flat, C, and bass clef instruments. Further editions for double bass / electric bass, guitar, and piano also feature very easy bass lines, with chords and accompaniments (guitar edition includes TAB).

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